Garden of the Gods- Colorado Springs, CO

visit the park’s official websiteI want you to imagine a blank canvas, but be ready to fill it with one of America’s most underrated terrains. First, imagine a rocky ground that is mottled with shrubs that range in color from jade to emerald. Now, imagine gigantic boulders that just 2 miles into the sky. The rusty orange of the sedimentary rocks pierce the brilliantly blue sky. This is the Garden of the Gods.

I travelled to the Garden of the Gods with my partner’s family while visiting my partner at the Air Force Academy, which is also in Colorado Springs. Needless to say, this place is suitable for any occasion. There is a formation that naturally presents one larger rock bending over a smaller rock that the park identifies as an enactment of a mother protecting its child. There are two rocks that reach toward one another that almost touch, but not quite. These are recognized as star-crossed lovers. We passed a couple taking a wedding photoshoot while a man sat alone next to an enlarged photo of a woman. The Garden of the Gods caters to all audiences so there is hardly an occasion that cannot be celebrated on its premises.

The adventure through the Garden is certainly what the adventurer makes it. Staying on the path is easy for anyone who is ready for a two or three mile stroll. What makes each adventure unique is the ability to climb almost all structures, to the discretion of the climber, or course. A trip to the Garden of the Gods is certainly the perfect outdoor outing, especially for a Floridian who is used to nothing but flat lands!

If you plan to check out the Garden for yourself,  visit the park’s official website today!

All photos are property of me, Abigail Camacho.


One thought on “Garden of the Gods- Colorado Springs, CO

  1. I really enjoyed this blog. While I have visited Colorado, I never visited the Garden of the Gods. I think it is very interesting how the rocks received their names. Next time I plan a trip to Colorado I will definitely plan to visit here. I also enjoy how your introduction paragraph for this destination as it requires the reader to use their own imagination.


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