Press Pause on Life and Travel

Work, school, clubs, friends and family, it can all be overwhelming sometimes, because life is like a wheel that never stops spinning and there is no break to make it stop.

Sometimes, do you ever just want to press the pause button? Well, there is sadly no such thing. But one thing you do have is vacation. Vacation is something you do when you want to escape reality and simply go away from home for a little while. Travel; go anywhere, it doesn’t matter where. Just leave the normal schedule of your life behind.

That’s exactly what my family and I did over this past summer. We weren’t sure what we wanted to do or where we wanted to go, but we all needed to press pause on life. So we went searching for a travel venture that was relatively inexpensive. We ended up with the Carnival cruise line.


It was a four-day cruise from the port of Miami to Key West to Cozumel.

The moment we left the house, the whole family went into vacation mode. Have you ever experienced that feeling of becoming blissfully happy, laughing and smiling at everything for no reason? That’s what vacation mode is. It’s a wonderful feeling, and I encourage everyone to do travel and seek vacation mode. img_1435

For my family and I, it was literally a breath of fresh air. When you go on a cruise, all you can see when you’re in the middle of the ocean is water, water, and more water. But what’s even cooler is when you’re in the middle of the sea at night, all you see is a vast blanket of stars encompassing the sky. It was a magnificent view, one you don’t see often, but one worth seeing.

So the question is, where will you go when you press pause in life to get that breath of fresh air?

All the photos are property of Annette Gutierrez



One thought on “Press Pause on Life and Travel

  1. I agree with you in the fact that going on a cruise is a great way to “Press Pause” on life, it really makes you get away from it all. Having the experience to go to another country traveling through the sea is an unforgettable adventure in ones life. While reading the positive things that you mentioned in your blog on going on a cruise has made me really think about how your environment and experience can change your mood.


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