We’re going places

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How many times do you hear someone speak of their “bucket list”? Traveling is usually somewhere on that list. There is so much to see in the world that many people never get the chance to experience. When I was 17 years old, I decided to join a travel club in my community. With this club I have been fortunate enough to visit Hawaii, Spain, Morocco, Gibraltar, Turkey and Greece. I never thought international travel to be a real possibility for me at such a young age until I joined the travel club. Here is a link to the travel club site and more information on our trips.


My trip to Spain was my graduation gift from my mother. It was just her and I going along with the travel club of about 75 others. This was a 7-day trip in which we began in Madrid. I remember being in awe of how beautiful this city was. It was a big city, yet it still preserved all historical elements and remained very clean. We visited Plaza Mayor and roamed the streets, just taking the beautiful city in. We also visited a few other cities such as Granada, Toledo, Marbella and Seville. I also remember being amazed at the architecture of these cities. Every building had such extravagant detailed work. Even the McDonalds was a work of art.

Spain was one of my favorite places I have visited and I hope to get a chance to go back again. Even though I’ve already crossed it off my bucket list, it will most likely be back on there.

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One thought on “We’re going places

  1. Before reading this I didn’t even know things like travel clubs existed! Seeing the multitude of places you’ve been lucky enough to visit is mind blowing. Just like you, I never ever thought I would be able to visit Europe, at least not until I was old and wrinkly after saving my entire life for it. I think it’s amazing that community organizations like the travel club exist, and thank to your post I’m planning on looking into joining one myself!


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