Fall in Love with Home during Your Next Staycation

For many, vacationing is a bittersweet part of the imagination because of the funds attached. Find a new love for home and vacationing on a budget, by planning a staycation. For those who may be unfamiliar, staycations are designed to provide the same “out of town” feel to families who choose to stay close to home. Some benefits include huge savings and a better understanding of your neighborhoods. As a Miami native and a perspective broke college student, I take advantage of every opportunity to make time spent at home as close to a tropical vacation as I can.

Here are some Miami “hotspots” that I recommend to natives and tourists alike:


The Wynwood Art District is a district of the Wynwood neighborhood in Miami, FL. Dedicated to artist and art lovers, Wynwood contains over 70 galleries, museums and art collections. The second Saturday night of every month is “ArtWalk”, an event that allows the art galleries to open their doors to the public for viewing. Included on the strip are hundreds of other street art and graffiti murals, making it one of the biggest street art districts in the world.

Learn more at: http://www.wynwoodmiami.com/

Key Biscayne Beaches

Pack a picnic basket, grab a volleyball, hang out next to the historic lighthouse – the options are endless and all available at Key Biscayne.

Learn more at:



2 thoughts on “Fall in Love with Home during Your Next Staycation

  1. I absolutely love the idea of this blog post! When I travel for over a week, I try to find the more hidden delicacies of the location. Doing so gets difficult when the internet if cluttered with the “most popular places” lists so it gets difficult to see what a native of the location lives like. Thank you for the suggestions! Hopefully this will make it easier for me to see what a Miami native enjoys if I ever get a chance to come down there!


  2. I love staycations! My parents could never really take time off of work for long vacations when I was younger, so we had little mini-vacations seeing all of the different parts of the Jacksonville and St. Augustine areas. I’ve never been to Miami, but whenever I do go I will definitely use your recommendations, especailly considering my love for museums!


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