Home in Marseille

We all know those people, the ones who have been lucky enough to study abroad or visit some amazing country thousands of miles away. Probably the one country you’ve always wanted to visit because that’s just your luck, and to top it off they can’t seem to stop telling you how it “changed their life” even if you didn’t ask. Just eight days after turning 20, I became one of those people.


After an eight-hour plane ride, three-hour train ride and a regrettable decision to forego a taxi to walk to my temporary home, I was breathless.  Literally breathless because the city of Marseille is the second largest in France and figuratively breathless because I was about to call a loft in Europe, overlooking a port that has existed for 26 centuries, home.

The next eight days were spent not adjusting to the time difference, trying foods I never thought I would, swimming in the Mediterranean, talking to locals, walking, more walking and taking as many photographs as possible.


Being able to do things like walk through old cobbled streets to buy groceries, cook dinner in an amazing loft with girls who are now lifelong friends, drink one too many glasses of wine while sitting on the ancient crooked staircase in our building and so much more made Marseille feel so special.


What started as a city in the south of France became a home for me, and it’s one I cannot wait to return to.

If you want to plan your own trip to Marseille, or just consider all the city has to offer, check out their official tourism website at  http://www.marseille-tourisme.com/en/.

All photos are the property of Emily McCain.


One thought on “Home in Marseille

  1. I can’t wait to become one of those people! One of the things on my bucket list is to study abroad. I went into college with a goal to be able to do just that! I commute, live with my family, and go to school with my triplet sisters, so I’ve never really experienced the true freedom of studying at college on my own. So what better way to do it, than to do it abroad. Another reason is one similar to yours: to explore my roots and my home away from home. I have Spain in my blood by being a Cuban-American and I think it would be awesome to go to country in Europe where I have descendants. So I think it’s so cool that you were able to go to Marseille! It seems like you had a good time experiencing the different culture and being able to do it with people who are now your lifelong friends. Hopefully I will be able to become one of those people who is lucky enough to study abroad like you did.


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