A Taste of Egypt

egypt-1344318_960_720Nomadic by nature or not at all, most of us have a deep desire to travel to distant and exotic places.

Mine took me on a two week cruise across the Nile to Egypt. Our first stop was in Cairo, the heart and capitol of Egypt. A humongous city that had bazaars (stationary marketplace) at every corner of the city. Goods were sold ranging from marvelous handmade carpets to the most fragrant spices any cook could wish for.

Nonetheless, two weeks is no where near enough to fully comprehend the extent and depth of a culture such as ancient than the Egyptian. However, I took a lot away from these two week (aside from the bags of dried dates), such as that camels are still used as domesticated animals in the country. They are by far the only animal that can carry a human across the desert and still not break a sweat.

The sightseeings that are most commonly associated with Egypt are the pyramids of Gizeh (Giza) and monument known as the ‘Great Sphinx’. Despite visiting most sightseeings in Egypt, the one that stood out to me most was the temple of Horus. Not as awe-inspiring as the other two gargantuan monuments, but much richer in history.s_f-e-cameron_egypt_2006_feb_00289

The hieroglyphs, and how well they were preserved, is was fascinated me the most out of the entire trip. Although not used anymore in modern times as a means for written language it is now used primarily for academic endeavors.

Experiencing a culture as old as the Egyptian was truly a privilege for me. I am most grateful to have visited a country outside of Europe before moving to the United States. This two weeks cruise gave me a taste of Egypt. And dates on that matter.

For further information about Egypt follow the link below:


All the photos belong to me, Rene Singendonk.


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