Thanksgiving in Gatlinburg, TN

After being stuck in a car for 11 hours, we finally made it to Gatlinburg, TN. This was the first time I was spending Thanksgiving without my family, but I was excited to make new memories with my boyfriend and his family.

On the way to Gatlinburg I was not sure what to except. Our hotel was right on a strip where we could just walk outside of our hotel and walk around to different shops, restaurants and more. Some of our favorite places to walk to were Fannie Farkle’s, Ripley’s Haunted Adventure and various golf courses.

The Gatlinburg Sky Lift was always a ride that I was excited to be on. It was a great way to enjoy the Gatlinburg scenery and the amazing cold weather. Below is a picture of the view I had while riding the sky lift.


Another great way we enjoyed the weather in Gatlinburg was hiking through famous national parks. We visited many, including The Great Smoky Mountain National Park and Little Pigeon River. Walking for hours through these national parks was always so awarding because of the amazing view you would get of the mountains around you.

Below is a picture I took while walking around the Great Smoky Mountain National Park.


While walking through Gatlinburg’s famous parks you would also see different animals living around the mountains. Deer were always seen left and right while hiking or just driving around the mountains to your next adventure. Below is a picture I was fortunate to take while I was walking through Little Pigeon River.


Gatlinburg, TN is definitely a city I would love to visit again. There is always something to do and new to see and, of course, the weather is absolutely perfect.

Here is a link to find more information about The Great Smoky Mountains National Park:

All photos belong to Alyssa Lopez.




3 thoughts on “Thanksgiving in Gatlinburg, TN

  1. I was just in Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg this past summer. I can relate to you on not knowing what to expect. I think that makes Gatlinburg all the more interesting. There’s so much happening there it’s pretty cool to see. I won’t lie though, those mini golf courses in the area were addicting, and fun. I’m sure you can agree with me, it’s one of those places you really have to experience.


  2. It was so interesting to read about your trip to Gatlinburg since I was just there over the summer with my family! I was surprised how different our trips sounded even though we were in the same town. While I was in Gatlinburg we visited the Elvis museum (my grandmother is a huge fan), did a dinner show, and I managed to find an alpine coaster there as well. It was basically a small roller coaster through the mountains. We did go hiking in the Great Smoky Mountain National Park as well, but we didn’t make it to Little Pigeon River like you all did. I wish we had. Did you hike up to Clingman’s Dome? This was an excellent view! It is basically a look out tower you hike up to you and it looks out over all of the park. It was a bit harder of a hike then I was expecting but it was totally worth it! Sounds like you all had a great time. I would love to go back for thanksgiving time like you did.


    1. Reading your post brought back so many memories! I go every year to North Carolina and Tennessee with my family. We go around Christmas time. I was in Gatlinburg the first time I saw snow! There are so many fun things to do up there. We always go gem mining, hiking, and snow tubing! We also went to Pigeon Forge and all the shops in Gatlinburg as well. The mountains are absolutely breathtaking as well. I really enjoy driving around in the mountains and seeing all the icicles and waterfalls along them. If you ever go again I strongly recommend going to Rock City and Ruby Falls!


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