Cruise Around Greece


Since my last big international trip I have been eager to go on another. However, with my school and work schedule becoming more rigorous, finding the time and money to do so has been more challenging than it once was. As the assignments come piling in, and the work schedule remains hectic, more often I find myself reminiscing on my last international trip to Greece. This is the last big trip I have attended with the travel club in my community.

When I heard my mother was paying for her and my younger brother to visit Greece as his graduation trip, I knew there was no way I would be okay with the idea of them going without me.  So I spent the next year working while attending school in order to pay for my portion of the trip. It was beyond worth it!

This was another seven-day trip. We flew from Tampa to Athens, with a lay-over in between. We then stayed two nights in Athens before boarding our cruise ship for the next five days around the Greek islands.

While in Greece, we were able to visit the Parthenon, several temples of Greek Gods/Goddesses, Acropolis of Athens, Acropolis museum, plaka, Delphi ruins and a palace in Rhodes. We also did an excursion where we hiked a volcano and swam to a hot spring. We were able to visit many of the Greek islands, including Santorini, Mykonos, Patmos and Rhodes.

This cruise was the best possible way for me to see so much of Greece all in one vacation. If you ever find yourself planning a trip to Greece, here is a suggested site showing the top tourist attractions. I recommend seeing many of these!

Photos used are property of me, Shelby Cooper


4 thoughts on “Cruise Around Greece

  1. I was really interesting in reading this post because of my deep desire to fly to Greece one day. I have always seen the pictures of all the white buildings lined up on the shores of the ocean and fall in love with the idea of one day seeing it for myself every time. I never thought of visiting the historic portions of Greece, like the temples of god/goddesses that you mentioned, but I can imagine how mind blowing it was to be somewhere so sacred like that. Would you more so recommend a cruise to Greece or do you think the flight experience would be just as amazing? I am interested to know.


    1. Yes, Greece was absolutely beautiful! It is one place that really does look exactly like the pictures, and even more breathtaking in person! My trip we flew to Athens and then were able to do a cruise around some of the Greek Islands as well. I think the cruise was the best way to see multiple islands in one trip. But if you flew there to stay on one island I think there is still plenty to see and do that it would be just as great. I would recommend Athens, Mykonos, or Santorini. Those were some of my favorite places!


  2. I have never been to Greece, but I do know a fair bunch regarding the culture and the best spots to visit. Meaning, I am surprised you managed to find the time to check out most of the them. Must have been more than a week or two weeks worth of a trip to pull that off.
    “Seven day trip” seemed like not too much time to visit all of the placed in Greece.
    You said you visited many Greek islands. Was Crete one of them? I heard from my parents that it was one of the best camping experiences they had in their entire lives.
    I am quite jealous that you had to chance to go on a cruise to Athens. The one question that I have about the cruise is, when did you guys go? What time of the year?


  3. I personally have always wanted to travel to Greece from a young age so to read of all you experienced while there has reaffirmed my desire to do so. It sounds just as amazing as I thought it was and you’re lucky you were able to go. I hope that one day I can too and experience and see as much as you did!


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