Maine Road Trip

This past summer I traveled with my boyfriend and his family to Maine for a 15-day great American road trip. We indulged in “lobstah” rolls, “real” blueberries, and whoopie pies the size of our heads! My goal for this road trip was to see a puffin, just one puffin…

We traveled to a different place every few days along Maine’s rocky coastline and lighthouse-filled skyline. A lot of Maine literally feels like you’re in the middle of nowhere. It’s also a pain to travel to, and expensive might I add. So we flew into Boston, picked up our car and headed for U.S. Route 1.


Kennebunkport, “Bush Country” as they call it, is known for the Bush Compound and The Clam Shack. The clouds that swallowed the sky reflected the mood of the town. We went to Maine in the middle of May, so not yet in season, and you could tell. The stores were not all open and there was still remodeling being done to get ready for the huge influx of tourists that would soon travel through in just two more weeks. We stayed at the Kennebunkport Inn, it was very coastal and quaint. We traveled along Ocean Avenue which led us to the locked gates and heavily secured Bush Compound. The city is only 49 square miles so there wasn’t really much to do with everything being closed until May 28th.

Boothbay Harbor

Boothbay Harbor was a nice change of pace. The weather finally cleared up and we were able to experience the true beauty of Maine. We stayed in a cozy bed-and-breakfast on the top of the highest hill in Boothbay, Topside Inn (how appropriate). The wildflowers were blooming and there was a crisp smell to the air. The town had a little bit more happening. We went into the different shops and stared as the fog rolled in and sailboats docked for the night.

Bar Harbor

Bar Harbor was the bomb. I loved it. It is easily one of the top ten places I have ever been. It is so beautiful; its landscape looks like a painting or a figment of your imagination. In Bar Harbor, we visited Acadia National Park and hiked. The town was full of young people. I would compare it to Boulder, Colorado. It had kind of eclectic, young, hippy type of people. We stayed at the cutest bed-and-breakfast called the Primrose Inn.


This was not my favorite stop on the road trip. Rockland is an artsy town that wasn’t really happening yet because it wasn’t in season. We literally called it the “Land of Rocks”, because it seemed like that was all that was there. I did have the best iced coffee I have ever had, though. My boyfriend is obsessed with golf so we took his parent’s rental car to another town 15 minutes from Rockland, called Camden, and golfed at the most beautiful course I have ever been to. It overlooked the Atlantic Ocean with a few lighthouses in the background.


Portland is a very cool city. It is the restaurant capital of America and the second best state for brewing craft beer. There was always something going on in Portland. The first night we were there we found an Irish pub that was hosting real Irish singers straight from Cork. My boyfriend’s mom’s family is from Ireland, and it turned out that the singer from the band was one of her aunt’s friends. We left to fly home to Fort Myers from Portland, and that was the end of our road trip.

Even though I didn’t see a puffin, it was one of the best trips I have ever been on. Spending time with Michael’s family and getting to know them even more than I already had was a really good experience along with the gorgeous landscapes and perfect temperatures. I definitely recommend exploring the northeastern part of our beautiful country at some point in your life.


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All photos are the property of Emily Mora.







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