My Trip to Boston

I’ve been to a lot of different cities: New York, Philadelphia, Jacksonville and the list goes on. One of the most interesting cities I have visited is the city of Boston, Massachusetts. I went there a few years ago with the family that I have in Massachusetts.

Have you ever visited a place and admired its history? Well, Boston is full of history, and that made for a great experience. I’m a city lover, so I felt right at home walking through the streets of Boston. While you walk around the city you simply can’t ignore all of the historic sites, because they add the life to the city.


The Paul Revere statue was very cool, and easily a strong photo opportunity. That was one the reasons behind what made Boston an interesting city – everything was rich with history. But it wouldn’t be a trip to Boston if I didn’t mention the food. You can’t go to Boston without going to a seafood restaurant. The food was great and added to the authentic experience.


Another thing I enjoyed about the city was the business. Boston was busy, like any city, but it was not necessarily crazy, like NYC. The city was mainly filled with tourists looking for all of the historical sites.

Another thing I should mention: if you enjoy cold weather, Boston is the place for you. You’re going to need a jacket and some layers because it will get cold. That’s just how Boston is, but it’s part of the experience.

If you haven’t had the chance to visit Boston, it is absolutely worth a visit. I can say without a doubt that Boston was a great city. It is quite the experience, there’s no denying that.

Side note: not everyone has an accent.

If you would like more information on the city of Boston, you can check out this link:

All photos are the property of Tyler McConnell.



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