Poverty in Paradise

Although traveling around the world is, as it should be, viewed as a thrilling experience, we must not forget about those who are less fortunate than us. Especially the fact that those people may be less than five minutes away from areas we view as paradise.

Speaking from personal experience, whenever I visit Jamaica I look at the time spent there as a couple of days to give back to my family, who is living in uncomfortable circumstances on the island’s country side. My mother and I pack barrels full of women and men’s garments to help out the ones we love. Seeing the grateful look on all the villagers’ faces makes all of the slaving over mountains of clothing worth my while.

By all means, I am not insinuating that it is an unjust thing to go to an island for the relaxation. I am more so writing to spread awareness. Many people are aware of the high poverty rates throughout the world but do not realize how simple it can be to try to ease the situation. Approach it like this: while you pack your suitcase for your island getaway, use the time as a “spring cleaning” opportunity. Any clothes you are not interested in anymore can be put in a barrel and brought with you to the airport. If you feel that is too much of a hassle, they can also be shipped to an area of your choosing.

Giving back is made simple with these steps and tips for barrel packaging and sending made by sweetjamaica.co.uk.




One thought on “Poverty in Paradise

  1. Wow, I really like your perspective. It’s interesting to think about traveling as more than just a vacation, but rather a way to give back and help those who actually live there. It’s sadley like this in a lot of countries people like to go to, especially in the Carribbean, there are a lot of people living in poverty. I think it’s important we all remember that there are others who are struggling and working everyday to make a living, and who don’t even have an opportunity to go to another country and travel. So I will definitely remember this the next time I go and travel to my next vacation spot.

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