Are Authentic Philly Cheesesteaks Overrated?

When I found out that I was going to be stopping in Philadelphia during a road trip, I had to have a question answered for me: “are Philly cheesesteaks from Philadelphia overrated?” After all, the name of the sandwich has Philadelphia in it, so you would assume that they can make a mean cheesesteak.

My first step to answering this question was doing my research on the places that had the best reviews. At the time, the two highest rated cheesesteak joints were “Pat’s King of Steak” and “Geno’s Steaks”. Each restaurant had their die-hard fans, each swearing up and down that their spot was better and why.  Naturally, I was torn and didn’t know what to do. Lucky for me, they just so happened to be across the street from each other.

Lines for each of the restaurants were forming into the street, with 30 minute minimum wait times each. My group split up so that we could sample a cheesesteak from both places. Probably the best part of my experience was ordering the sandwich. There is a certain terminology that has to be used, or you will be sent to the back of the line.

The pressure was on: if I messed up my order, then the lengthy wait would be for nothing. A person two places in front of us made the mistake of asking for a “cheesesteak”. Silly stranger, now they had to pay the price. As I approached the person taking orders, there were easily 40 people behind me. I mustered up enough courage to say, “one whiz with.” I did it – my order was taken.

As I took a bite into my properly ordered cheesesteak, I was quickly met with disappointment. The cheesesteak was no better than my high school lunches – nice try.

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