Nerdy is the New Cool

While I’ve been using the word “nerdy” to describe myself for years, I really took it to a whole new level when I started going to comic book conventions with my dad. We usually go to the San Diego Comic-Con, but last month we went to the convention in New York.

Let me begin this story by saying that comic book conventions are crazy. They’re crowded and sometimes poorly organized and the food is always terrible. However, all of that is worth it when you get to meet your favorite artists, or see Thor eat stale nachos with Wonder Woman. Last month, I really realized that the craziness is worth it and that I’ll probably be going to conventions until I’m older than my dad.


This is a picture of my dad and me on the second day of New York Comic-Con, dressed as Hawkeye and Captain America, respectively. It may seem kind of weird, but Comic-Con is kind of like a nerd’s Halloween, except the costumes can cost thousands of dollars, and instead of candy you get free comic books. We spent the weekend wandering around the convention floor, for the most part, looking at art that we wanted to buy or, in my case, bothering the interns at the Marvel booth with questions. nycc-1

We were able to have some once-in-a-lifetime experiences too, though. If you don’t already know who the 93-year-old man in the picture above is, his name is Stan Lee and he is the former president of Marvel and the co-creator of many iconic Marvel characters. Going to New York Comic-Con and meeting Stan Lee were definitely the highlights of my year, and I can’t wait for the next convention! For extra “nerd cred”, tell me in a comment below who your favorite superhero is – even if they’re not a comic book character!

All photos are the property of Elaine Ticer.


One thought on “Nerdy is the New Cool

  1. Hey Elaine!

    While I’m not the biggest superhero fan (please don’t judge me!), I still really appreciate this unconventional travel blog idea. Most people chose a location while you chose an experience. It reminds me of my brothers, who make it a point to trek to Dragon Con in Atlanta every year. This is definitely a way of immersing yourself in your travels, so I commend you on the unique idea.

    P.S. Your costume looks great!


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