Summer in Rome, Italy

This summer I went to Italy for eight days, because I have never been there before and always thought it was a beautiful country. It was going to be my first time in Italy, so I booked my tickets and made sure I was going with a tour guide in a group of 32 people. The price of the traveling package included not only the tickets but also the hotel accommodations and food.

One of the things I loved about Rome was having the chance to see a lot of magnificent masterpieces. You can literally just walk and see statues everywhere. It feels like you are in an open museum. There are a lot of pretty churches and bridges, my favorite being Ponte Sant’Angelo.


Exploring Rome was once in a lifetime dream come true for me. My experience of Italy was extraordinary and pleasant because the people were very friendly to me. The food was amazingly delicious in the city because it was made from scratch rather than most food in the United States. I would recommend to anyone who has a passport that they take the advantage and travel to Italy because it is worth more than what you can imagine.

Below is a link that can help you plan a stay in Italy.

Photos are the property of Daniella Bernal.


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