Until Next Time…

Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, the captain has announced our final descent into the University of South Florida. As we prepare for landing, we would like to thank you for running with the bulls today, and we hope you’ve enjoyed your visit.

Our class chose to write about travel because we knew it was something all of us had in common, even if some of us have yet to experience our dream destinations. Our travels have taken us all over the world and through our own backyards, and they continuously illicit excitement in their findings.

In Egypt, we explored the haunting hieroglyphs at the temple of Horus. Across the globe in Paris, we saw stunning architecture and bookstores rich with old literature. Back home in America, we found solace in the picturesque landscapes that painted the coast of Maine and zipped across the ridged mountains of Tennessee. We have made the world our oyster and have taken every opportunity to immerse ourselves in the rich culture that surrounds us.

Running with the Bulls was a brief pit stop of reflection on our journey – a space to jot down our favorite memories to look back on one day in the future. Now we must pack our bags and begin our stampede to new adventures and experiences.

We hope to see you in a future adventure. Safe travels!


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